About Us

Darft Horses are our specialty, with their calm disposition and willingness to please. Our equine family includes several breeds and animals adopted from Animal Shelters and Rescue organizations.

Family owned and operated we are a hands on business and take pride in providing top quality service. We are firm believers that you get out of life what you put into it.  

We offer Carriage services for weddings, funerals, special occasions, business functions, and just about anything else you want to add that elegant look for.

We also offer Hayride services. Our hayrides are "Hay-Free" for those who may have allergies. We have a comfortable wagon with Large wheels and cushioned bench seats.

Our hayrides make for a great addition to birthday parties, corporate events, grand openings, civic group functions, fund raisers, family reunions, or other events.

We offer educational programs as well. We can provide a horse and display for your event to help teach about horses. 

With our photographic opportunities we can provide a horse and carriage for your organization to take pictures with. 

We also offer parade services. Have your organization hold their heads high as they are drawn along the parade route by a beautiful horse.

Coming soon our Draft Horse Experience will be available. An opportunity to ride and drive one of these wonderful animals.

The gentle nature of the drafts is perfect for calming the nerves of anyone typically nervous around other horses. 

Promoting these wonderful animals and responsible horse ownership is our passion.

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