As her name states she is the head of the herd. She is an 15 year old English Shire. She came from the Amish Community of Central Ohio where she was very well cared for.

She is gentle and willing to do most anything asked of her. From pulling logs, carriages, or loads of fence panels to babysitting, leading trail rides, or JPR's she is an all around horse.

She is a wonderful horse with a sweet disposition and willing attitude. She is our primary cart and carriage horse, but in her spare time likes to play with the kids.

She led the Dallas Ghost Tours night cemetery carriage rides like the wonderful horse she is.

She also brought home several ribbons at the 2013 Draft Horse Show at the GA National Fair (including a blue ribbon for being the largest "Draft Horse Fly" anyone had every seen.)


"Prince Valiant"

Prince is the son of our best carriage horse. Foaled March 30, 2008 he is a strapping young horse standing over 19 hands. He is a maturing well and is beginning to follow in his mothers (Queen) footsteps and pull the carriages. He has a wonderful disposition, willing attitude, and should be a wonderful addition to our carriage group. He loves everyone, and does not have a mean bone in his body.

Prince made his showing debut in 2013, proudly representing Indian Branch Drafts at the Georgia Draft Horse Association 2013 Spring Show. Bringing in a blue ribbon. Prince also represented our farm at the 2013 National Draft Horse Show in Perry, GA.


"Sir Lancelot"

Lance was born on Saturday May 7, 2011 while everyone was away at Dover Days. Thankfully mom did a great job and both are healthy and happy. His sire (dad) is a 16.1 h American Paint Horse and his dam (mom) is a 17 h Belgian. He is considered a Pinto Draft horse. We have visions of him pulling the carriage.

Now that he is at a safe age to start more advanced training, he is learning that life as a horse is not just lounging in pastures and having fun. He is such a smart young man that he takes everything in stride and seems to really be enjoying working. He learns so fast that we believe he will become a very dependable part of the carriage horse group.

Check back on the news and events page for updates on Lance's progress.


"Lady Belle"

"Lady Belle"

Lady began as a prospect here at Indian Branch Drafts. She is a 15 year old Belgian Mareh. With her wonderful temperament, flowing mane and tail, and high stepping movement, she has won our hearts. Her willingness to do anything we ask of her has earned her a permanent place here.

We have high hopes for her. She is 17.2 hands, and seems to really enjoy showing off her beauty. She has been harnessed up and worked, seems she remembers everything from her past. She is a breeze to ride as well. Thank you Joey and Samantha for allowing her to enter our lives.


"Sir Galahad"

Galahad was born on April 19. 2011, bred to registered NASDH (North American Spotted Draft Horse) stock. Enduring a life threatening medical condition he came to Indian Branch Drafts. He overcame his condition and grew very quickly. He became much taller than Sir Lancelot and dreams of them being a team soon became unrealistic. 

Now he is a wonderful horse under saddle and should be starting his show career soon.